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Vienna - April 2006

Naturhistorisches Museum

I did not read a travel guide before entering the museum of History of Nature. There is a lot you can see: living animals in a little "Vivarium", a huge collection of minerals. Fossils from the history of the Earth and tools from the history of mankind. Also many many stuffed animals.
In the museum there is the oldest mineral collection in the world, as shown on two pictures below.

On the right you see a sulphur mineral from Spain.

There are also many larger and pre-historic animals and their skelettons in the collection. Here you see elephants and giraffes, but you find also mammoths.

There is a very impressive collection of hundreds of birds from all over the world.

But they also did not forget the local nature. The ibex has his natural habitat in the Austrian Alps not far away from Vienna.

These snakes are behind the glass of a wooden vitrine as well. But in contrast to the stuffed animals above they are real. One jost lost its skin.

At least as amazing as the exhibition in it is the building itself, which could also serve as a palace. Have a look on the staircase ...

Below the dome there is a little Café where you can enjoy a snack. However it was empty when I visited the museum in the late afternoon just before closing time.

And a view up to the ceiling of the dome ...
I would not mind to see also the Museum of History of Arts on the opposite side of the square. But for the moment my time in Vienna was over and the next morning I needed to prepare for the 9 hours train ride back home to Mainz.