(June 2006)

my old home

my new home
(without furniture)

my new home
(with furniture)


In May / June 2006 I moved from my old appartment, where I have been living for nearly 8 years to a new one about 8 km away in Mainz.

Formally I changed the town, since the suburb Mainz-Kastel, where I lived before is on the right (East) side of Rhine river and belongs to the German state Hessen. Mainz however is on the left side of the Rhine and is the capital of the state Rhenia Palatinate (in German: Rheinland Pfalz).

So moving 8 kms away and remaining close to my workplaces is more an administrative change than really huge distance away.

On the occasion of saying good bye to my old home and welcome to my new one I made here a little photo series.

See the old home HERE.

See the new home without furniture HERE.

See the new home with furniture HERE.