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Carneval 2005 in Mainz

Youth parade on Saturday

The parade of the schools and of the 'Schwellkoepp' (hm ... difficult to translate .. something like swollen heads ...) ended in Mainz near the Dom.

Impressions from the 'small' Saturday parade ...

(Strange feeling by the way to run around in normal clothes ..)

... because most people here look a little bit like those here in front of the theatre ... .

The 'Schwellkoepp' have a long tradition in Mainz ... even an own club has been founded to work on this big head masks.

Those, who carry the big heads have to look out through the throats. Many school classes formed their own groups and presented them on the street during the youth parade.
Costumes, fancy dresses for everybody belong to the show. In this year wizards and witches seem to be rather popular. Probably Harry Potter has still some influence ...


And in any case the guards ...


"Daddy ...
I cannot seeeeeeeee ...."
So Daddy has to carry his little princess daugther ...

A few other impressions:

Certainly also TV is there with the camera ... the TV point had to be there for the big parade on Monday anyway. Fortunately the second German TV channel ZDF is located in Mainz. So it is not really far.

With pictures from the shopping centre in Mainz near the Dom it's time to say good bye for today. Tomorrow perhaps a bit of tradition, because there is no larger parade ... but certainly everywhere party in the pubs.

Helau! from Mainz (Helau is the traditional Carneval greeting.)