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The idea of worldwide-friends

I bought in December 2003 the domain worldwide-friends. Personally I like very much to learn about other countries and to communicate with pen-friends around the world. We can learn a lot about each other and the Internet is a fascinating tool for this.

Sure, there is a lot of information available about nearly every region in the world in the Internet. So there is not really a need for another "general information" platform.

Worldwide-friends shall be something for people I am in touch with. I am going to write about my experiences, surrounding, daily life and travels. But this platform is also open for my pen-pals if they would like to present something from their surrounding and share it in text and pictures.

This may be images from their hometown, the favourite cooking recipe or photos from the recent holiday trip. It's just an attempt, an idea and I would like to find out if others like it. Perhaps a little circle of people could grow who would like to come to know a little more about others than you usually find in a travel guide.